Publications or how I started writing

    When I taught in the University, came to me one lady from publishers asking if I wanted to write a book about computers for children?
    First I stopped and wanted to just say no. At school, I hated essays directly. And now? I wrote the book? Definitely not! Mrs. me finally persuaded me to at least try, and because at that time I had no money, so I finally agreed.
    I created a book Playing with windows that eventually people liked her and tried to continue to write something. And I still appreciate it as well, though for today is about old things.


    Later I wrote another book for children entitled with name Computer for children and subtitled Playing with texts and images.
    I also wrote articles for the magazine Computer for everyone. Tips on articles often draw upon training, when people ask me different questions or to see in what areas people have problény.

Excelujte v tabulkách (Excelling in the tables)

I think that Excel is one of the programs that can facilitate many activities. That is why I decided to write a text that contained many solved examples and ideas from practice using formulas and functions that Excel offers you. You can try to solve examples from the simplest to the more complex.
This text finally came out as a magazine, a special issue of Computers for everyone. Computer Press wanted to print text, only the intervention, with I disagreed.
I found that some people are returning to this magazine and currently, when they work with much higher versions of Excel. It somehow functions and formulas are still the same, just simply guides otherwise calls.

Why book about ECDL?

Do you know what the letters ECDL? This is a certificate European Computer Driving Licence, which has proven itself in many states. Czech Republic to these tests joined June 2, 1999.
I wanted to create a book that can prepare the people using the solved questions on tests for all seven modules of the ECDL.
In addition to questions and instructions for their solution, you will find even the most frequent errors and explanation of the principle of evaluation questions. You can try to develop a a trial sample tests and find out as you would with real tests succeed.


I tried to print manuals

I thought I could write a simple thin handbook to help work with Word or Excel or PowerPoint Without giving it much thought, I have created texts and thought: "Now just print".
But this proved a bit tricky, finally I succeeded, but only at his own expense. According to the responses were about the manual fine, but even more copies on paper not going
Currently, they are all discussed in printed form, so it is free, please visit: books just as a PDF file.