Need to create a test or questionnaire?

    In MS Excel or MS Word can create different questionnaires or tests. Usually such questionnaires or tests I make a specific request of the company. Try to see what you can create like this.

Test driver

This test was created specifically for companies who need to work regularly with the drivers in training.
Test finally evaluate responses and additionally allow drivers without knowing the password to get him repeatedly.

Questionnaire for psychiatrist

On this questionnaire correspond to patients during examinations or during treatment. The questionnaire evaluated at the end of each answer a psychiatrist on the basis that it can determine how the state of human development.

Initial questionnaire for examination by a psychologist

Initial questionnaire for examination by a psychologist as part of the examination of obese and smokers in medical school. This questionnaire stores data about a person, then it is entered in the creation of other individual questionnaires for the gradual examination.

Psychological test

One of the sub-tests developed for the psychologist within the examination obese and smokers in medical school.
All tests are made so that one can transmit the results for the statistical evaluation of all patients in a separate data file.

Test computer skills

This test was designed to determine IT knowledge in the company and their subsequent division into groups for further education.
At the same time it is connected to a set that can results of the individual tests dragged into another workbook in which the test records for each person listed on one line.

The color of the aura

nterview with which you can identify the main colors you have in your aura. It is created based on the website and if you want an explanation of color, it should be mentioned website write on the outcome.
This questionnaire I made just for fun and also because I wanted to try the colors in the aura and I did not want to laboriously pencil questions and tick listing.

Some downloadable templates for fun

  • Sometimes I make a template just simply for fun. When someone sends me an email test, or somewhere I see an article about some calculations and I was just in time, then try compile everything in a simple test.
  • Most templates are created in MS Excel support for macros, so it is necessary to enable macros!
  • When downloading only on the template, right-click and select Save Target As.

Have fun!