The training that I have to offer

  • Windows
  • Programs from MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio, Access, ...)
  • Programs from Open Office for Windows (Writer, Calc, Impress and Draw)
  • Working with graphics and preparing images for web pages
  • Prepare for the exam ECDL or "driver's license for e computer"
Content of training always depends on your needs and can be freely adjusted. Here are just suggestions of topics.
  • Preparing for the exam ECDL
  • MS Word
  • Working with tables in a text editor
  • Creating templates and forms in MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • Creating templates and forms in MS Excel
  • MS Excel - analysis tables for managers
  • MS Excel – basics of programming in VBA
  • MS PowerPoint - creating presentations
  • Working with e-mail
  • MS Outlook - e-mail and other options
  • Working with databases in MS Access
  • MS Visio - creating of drawings
  • Basics of creating a website
  • Working with pictures
  • Working with photos and editing
  • Basic control of MS Windows
I k učení se musí přistupovat lehce

What are form elements?

These are objects that you put directly on a sheet of MS Excel or MS Word document. Form elements then facilitate the completion of questions or tasks. Type of form elements are selected according to what the results you want.
These elements can be used for creating templates, tests or questionnaires. Then get easily without complicated evaluation copying and counting results.

Preparing for the exam ECDL

In preparation can navigate all modules tests in detail, but also can do things a two repetitions of all modules.
What does it mean? That I have prepared questions and tasks as it can be in the tests. Gradually tasks together and filled for each question you say always something more to do with the topic related.