Creating templates in Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

  • Creating templates in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  • Templates can be quite simple, can contain form elements or macros (Visual Basic for Applications). Everything depends on what the template is used.
  • Sometimes it is necessary not only to create a file based on this template, but also filled with data transfer to a specific data file, which will successively each item store.
  • Other times, you really only need a template to create a new file for further processing, such as cost statement, the travel order, request for ... or business presentation.
  • Furthermore, at least you can look at a preview of some ready-made templates.
Furthermore, at least you can look at a preview of some ready-made templates.


Travel order in Excel

Template travel order, which can be used in virtually any enterprise. The two sheets arranged so that the first sheet can be printed on one side and then a second sheet on the other side of the paper.
It contains complete data from the path, means of transport and time of departure and return.

Automatic listing of roads in Excel

The template can be followed by a travel order list file paths, where the entire travel order for the month are automatically entered. It does not have worked so hard to change the data that are already listed somewhere, for instance in the approval journey.

Calculation of the draft contract

Template based on the type of contract and its financial volume can calculate the number of hours a proposal for the work of individual professions. Also suggest amounts for this work.

Decisions on admission to kindergarten

A simple template created in Word, which is linked to the mail merge database applications.
Print individual decision to be based on the database to do using mail merge easily.


Based on the database vendor is automatically printed exactly as the template order. For the beginning, you can enter using the query and the number or center that carries out the order.

The book claims

A simple template, which I did for the book Templates in MS Office. You can access this record individual claims.
Similarly, I then prepared and the log book, cash book and another template.

An analytical report

Template, which was done directly tailored for data processing in a laboratory. At the same time it transmits data to the home page and so create a protocol for printing.

Security card

The template for quick creation of security cards. It is connected via a mail merge on a database in Excel, where the line is a description of one drug for transmission at a given location in a safety card.

AHP calculator

To prepare this template, I received precise instructions how to work everything, how the individual calculates coefficients and what exactly is to be output.
I think I finally managed to do a pretty good programs for the entire calculation.

Metrological card

Template by which if necessary can print the card for a particular machine or apparatus.
Taking all of its settings, inspections or repairs just have in table of Excel and printing done only when it is necessary to have some control. Of course, you can create a metrological card as a .pdf document.

Test the types of Aromatherapy

Template, using which you can try to determine your type of aromatherapy and accordingly need to check out what essential oils if you may like. In addition, enjoy a bit of fun!

Filling the data using a form

After clicking on the invoices you receive the form, where you can simply fill out a new item into an Excel spreadsheet or an existing item repaired.
I was doing the right template according to the requirements of one company.