What can I help, what is my offer?

    I can say that practically working with various programs. I do a lot with Excel and Word, but also play with graphics, presentations or websites.
    But I do not do drawings, and even classical programming or network management server.
    If you look at me with something calling, I say that I know or do not know or get to the matter had not dare. Just that you consult somewhere else. I think this is a normal behavior, because in this area is already so much that one person can not know everything.

    What actually I help you?
    I do counseling, various consultations or training. Everything takes place directly at your workplace, so you do not have to go anywhere in the classroom, I usually just come to you. Price of the training is mostly agreement, ranging from 300 to 700 CZK per lesson. This price is but for a whole group of people, it means that already pay rate for each person separately.
    At the same time the number of hours and the content of training or lectures are always on the agreement. This means on the needs that exist for you. Can do i solve specific problems on which you currently work..

It is to create a tests in Excel?

In MS Excel there are so-called form elements that you can use when creating templates, but also need different tests or specific questions. In use, it can be reached easily without complicated evaluation of the results of copying paper.
In addition, they can also build formulas that facilitate evaluation and then by points. Well, if you try to have a macro (VBA code), then you can create a mass assessment questionnaires or tests surrendered.

What is the difference between vector and raster images?

With pictures we see everywhere. Have you noticed that tend to be of two types? One picture when zooming remain beautifully sharp, others will be visible blurring or jagged edges.
Practically, it would at first sight how to define the difference between the two types of images. It is of course more, but sometimes you have a glance tells about what the image is and what you allow the treatment.

Do you know what will disclose unprintable characters?

Simply put, whether you know how to really work with a text editor or you use it just like a better typewriter.
NDo not believe? Really it is enough to nonprintable characters in the document appears and immediately see how you use spaces, tabs, or indent text. You will also find hard wrapping pages, rows, or conversely proper use of the text flow, spacing between paragraphs and custom tabs.