Articles and magazines

    In addition to an article in the journal Computer for everyone I worked with, or at least worked on some special issues of the magazine.

Special issues of the magazines.

Excelling in the tables
Special issue of the magazine Computer for everyone

Description of work in Excel, using each menu or creating charts dedicated a lot of books. That's why I wanted to prepare several solved examples using formulas and functions that Excel offers you.
In Excel, you can solve many different examples, from the simple to the complex. On the pages of this magazine because you will not find everything, but there are a lot of exercises and ideas from practice so that one could choose you as a user of the computer.
Many of the tasks is also based on queries from people over the years come to my training.

Driver's license to a computer for everyone
CHIP special

In the magazine you will find the subject matter to prepare ECDL tests. Gradually, you will find everything you need for individual modules. For each module there is also tasks with the procedure of their solution.
On the CD are then not only the underlying files for the solution, but also a screencast of certain procedures and some useful programs.
Sami try to assess how your magazine in preparation for the ECDL tests help.
I created to the magazine module 2,4,5,6 and 7.

Digital photos for everyone
Special issue of the magazine Computer for everyone

The magazine is a lot of advice about photography. You can find tips for nature photography for portraits, .... Also, there is information about cameras and their accessories.
The next section describes the transfer photos to your computer and then editing photos. You will also find tips for creating photo albums.
In this magazine I worked only a few articles about photo editing on the computer.

Articles for MS Office

Tips for conditional formatting

If you often work with a lot of data, then in their evaluation will find it useful to appropriately set the conditional formatting that certain values marked in color. It's easy to find the necessary values among other data. At the same time, you can set conditional formatting to a single cell or the whole area. At the same time you can refer to the cells or another cell. Moreover, it is possible to set an unlimited number of different conditions.

Pivot tables

Pivot tables are designed especially for analyzing large amounts of numerical data in the sum of subtotals or other (eg, different data summaries, exploring, viewing the different views). Practically, this interactive table where you can easily evaluate a large volume of data using different methods.
At the same time, these tables are of great importance for gaining a new perspective on the data, because organize and summarize data according to certain properties (characters) of selected fields from the source list entries. Then the Pivot table field that appears and items that you choose during its formation.

The names of some articles from the magazine Computer for everyone

  • What are auto repair
  • Easily updated data
  • How easily print lists
  • Relative and absolute cell addresses
  • What is data validation
  • How to create a photo album
  • Calculate a percentage, points, or mille?
  • How to add sound to a PowerPoint slide?
  • Excel and array formulas
  • As for the vertical alignment pages
  • Some tips for rounding numbers
  • How to count the hours and minutes in MS Excel?
  • Tips for queries in MS Access